About Us

We are a modern coworking facility in Wellsville NY

What is Coworking?

Coworking is where various tenants such as, but not limited to, start-ups, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or even nonprofits rent a shared work space and use common facilities (e.g. utilities, equipment, amenities, etc).

Benefits of Coworking


No long term lease or set hours allows businesses and employees to schedule in a way that suits their needs without being locked in to multi-year lease or mortgage

Networking Opportunities

Since employees from various businesses all work in the same space this allows lots of opportunities for networking and building relationships, within and between different industries

Save on Overhead Costs

Since the overhead costs of utilities, amenities, and building staff are shared through the space by all tenants, coworking allows start-ups and small businesses to save hundreds on initial overhead


The SOLUTIONS Hub will provide space, resources and training geared towards the needs of the community. Its connection to COMPUTER SOLUTIONS will allow it to stay on top of emerging technologies that we can bring to the community. The Solutions Hub will allow for growth in business, personal skills, and the sense of community in the Wellsville area.

Our location

• 36 Madison Street, Wellsville

• 9,680 sq. ft facility

• Centralized, downtown Wellsville location: situated in the front corner of the local municipal parking lot

• Single floor structure with handicap accessible entrances and bathrooms

• 28 subdivided working spaces

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